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We provide a fast and reliable PC repair, laptop repair and iMac repair service that you can rely on. It can be frustrating when your computer starts to do the opposite of what your want it to do. Symptoms such as running slowly, crashing or even the dreaded blue screen are all symptoms of an unhappy computer. and simply need the expertise of Darlington Computers to help nurse your computer back to life.Like most electrical devices on the market today, they all need an M.O.T to make sure they run as efficiently as they should be. Simply call us today on 01388 448 065 to book your computer in for it’s much need M.O.T service.

Affordable Prices

   Repairing your device is cost-effective, usually a fraction of the original price. Our pricing is competitive, ensuring you’re getting some of the best deals around.

Fast Service

   We’re some of the fastest around. No more waiting two weeks for a new screen, many repairs can be completed in as little as one hour.


   We provide a full computer repair warranty on all parts and workmanship, so you know if anything goes wrong you’re in safe hands.


Common Computer Repair Problems

My computer has a blank screen when I switch the power on?

It’s quite possible you power supply to the unit has failed and will need replacing with a new power unit, we offer a full replacement service using top quality brands for all makes of computers. All genuine branded power supply units should now come with a circuit protection component which prevents damage to internal components when a power failure happens. Power supplys can fail on you at any time and in some cases it can happen out of no where, if this is the case for you a PC repair will be required.pc repair darlington

My computer is running very slowly?

A very common problem with many possible causes. It could be a virus infection, spyware running on your machine or even computer hard disk problems. We offer a full inspection service and can have your computer running like new in no time. Our in-house technicians our fully trained to source a problem and repair with complete accuracy and competence.


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